We all have excuses

Every one of us can come up with a reason not to write. Sometimes those reasons are pretty darned good. So forgive yourself.

I have not blogged since July for a very good reason. I am a chemo survivor. I don’t say that I am a cancer survivor because there is a high risk that it will return even though I am currently in remission. Surviving chemotherapy has been a devastatingly difficult task.

By July of this year, I thought I was feeling well enough to get back to something akin to normal. I revved up my career, I was planning on serving jury duty and getting involved with the presidential election process, I was getting involved with a historic preservation group—and then I found myself back in the hospital with pneumonia.

Chemo destroys your cells, including the healthy ones, and your immune system. I thought I was approaching what used to be normal, but I was wrong. My oncologist advised against taking on so much and, by August, I ceased my involvement in everything.

I am feeling a bit better and am going to try to start blogging again. I really miss writing. I’m paying closer attention to my abilities and disabilities.

That’s good advice for writers. It is good to stretch your abilities but not if doing so will be the end of you. Find healthy activities and write what you can.

It is better to write in shorter bits and to write well, than it is to write until you exhaust yourself eking out drivel. (Not that you write drivel.)

I have noticed that readers continue to visit this blog. I thank you. I also felt like I owed you an explanation as to why I went silent.

I was asked to give a 30-minute radio interview about the books I have written. It will be streaming soon, along with another 30-minute radio interview scheduled for next Monday. So, as they say, I will see you on the radio!