Self-publishing: hat #3

Every self-publisher wears six hats. Six. It’s not an option. That’s how it is.

  1. Writer
  2. Editor
  3. Graphics
  4. Technical Layout Designer
  5. Marketing
  6. Coordinator

Even if you plan to provide self-publishing services for others, you need to know the process. You need to wear six hats.


Hat #3: Graphics

Most books need some kind of graphics. If nothing else, the cover needs some sort of visual design. A book should look good, inside and out.

You have two choices. You can create images yourself, or you can use someone else’s graphics.

Either way, graphics need to be copyrighted and that copyright needs to be embedded in your images. This is true whether you create the images, buy them, or use free ones. The copyright information explains who can copy—and reuse–your images. Each image needs to be copyrighted and uploaded along with your publishing package.

This information needs to be embedded into every graphic you use. It is what protects your images, or grants you permission to use someone else’s images.


 NEVER copy and paste an image into a document. NEVER drag an image into your book. Always use Place (Adobe) or Insert (Office).


Six hats. One book. Let me show you how.

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