Self-publishing: put your six hats on

Every self-publisher wears six hats. Six. It’s not an option. That’s how it is.

  1. Writer
  2. Editor
  3. Graphics
  4. Technical Layout Designer
  5. Marketing
  6. Coordinator

Even if you plan to provide self-publishing services for others, you need to know the process. You need to wear six hats.

Hat #1: Writer

Books usually have words. Sometimes the message is pure graphics like a coloring book, an art book or a photo book.

You still need to write the bits that make up a book. There is text for the cover. There is even more text for a dust jacket. There is copyright text.

There are specific styles to writing every kind of text. Adhere to the basic rules, and you can get your book into bookstores. Ignore rules and stores may decline to carry a book you have self-published and customers may reject it.

Your book will begin as a text file. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, copyright law automatically protects your original document from the moment you create it in a tangible form. But who are “you”? You need to embed your identity in the document.

Embed your identification into every text file. Your words belong to you. But, you need to embed your identification within the file, connecting that file to you.



Six hats. One book. Let me show you how.

Next time …Hat #2: Editor