Writers who opt not to write

Not all writing is written. I have a client who is a public speaker, in the process of penning his autobiography.

I want to see his autobiography as words on a page. But, is writing it the best way to accomplish that? My advice is for him to narrate his story. This client does a remarkable job of preserving his unique writer’s voice in his writing, plus he’s just a verbal person with a great audible voice.

If your voice loses its unique flair when you write down the words, try narrating.

My favorite tool is a handheld RCA VR5320R, which I have had for years. I love it so much that I have not felt compelled to replace it. I just keep using it. It just keeps working.


It is especially great because it has a USB and I have had success with software automatically “typing,” if you will, the audio files. Translated, software will type the words so you don’t have to.

I would recommend something a bit more sound-sensitive, if you are really going to record your book. If you have access to a recording studio, all the better!

hack  A number of self-publishing distribution streams offer audio books. In addition to creating print or digital books, consider narrating the final version of a book especially if your voice deeply connects with your readers or if you already have an audience who is likely to have heard you speak in person. You can hire voice talent, but your own voice just might be what connects with audiophiles.

One example is Scott Sigler. Visit his website at http://scottsigler.com